We have a simple “pay what you can” pricing structure for membership. After operating for a few months I realized that in order to truly help my community I had to try and make this space accessible in a way that beautiful and well thought out spaces are not for us.

Your membership will include the ability to work from Monday & Co 2-3 times each week as well as get full access to our amenities and events.

What does that mean? It means that I’m trusting you to tell me what you can pay to have a recurring monthly membership (within reason) and still run your business/pay your own bills. Your membership will stay the same for the duration of your membership. As much as I would like to make the space free my landlord just won’t accept free payment for the rent so this is how I’m making the space open to everyone.

My goal with this space is to help black and brown women get into business while building a community that makes it easy to connect with each other. I can’t do that if I’m pricing us out so we’re going with this “pay what you can” structure and we’re going to see how it works out.

If you can sponsor another woman in the space I highly recommend it because not only does this allow us to come together but it will make you feel good… guaranteed.

Our members are involved in all areas of creating the space and I encourage every woman who is a subject matter expert to lead a workshop in the space for our members.

Together we are going to make sure black and brown women have the tools to succeed in business so that when we open our businesses we know bookkeeping, contracts, how to network, etc and we stay in business.


Candice VanWye

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