Full-Time Membership

Full-Time Membership

A Full-Time Coworking membership allows you to come work from our office whenever we’re open. Our usual hours are 9a – 10p M-F and 11a-5p Saturday and Sunday but events can change these hours. We also work with our members if they need to work during additional times.

This pass includes free wifi, coffee, and tea, free events and discounts on other events throughout the month.

You may also have the chance to receive one-on-one advice from our team and a chance to speak with Candice when she’s in the office.

Your pass includes 3 hours of studio time which you have to book in advance. You can also purchase additional studio time as well. You can take photos, film videos, and record podcasts in our studio. Please email hello@mondayand.co after purchasing your pass to book studio time.

We do our best to make sure you get the help you need so always let us know what you’re working on in advance so we can help you be great.

This is a recurring membership. You may cancel at any within 15 days of your next renewal by emailing hello@mondayand.co.

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