Blog Design Terms & Conditions


We reserve the right to reject any order placed. If we reject your order for offensive material you will be refunded your deposit minus a return fee. Please make sure your blog doesn’t include hateful material. 


You have the option to pay for your design in full upfront (which we recommend) however you may also choose to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit instead. You must pay the deposit amount before we begin work on your project. Your remaining balance will be due in full before we will install your blog or provide you with any files associated with your project. 

Payment via Paypal or check only.  Checks should be made out to Monday & Co.  Address will be provided.  Outstanding balances after 30 days will be referred to attorney and professional collection action will be taken.

Please note that if you pay by check we will not begin your order until your check is received and payment has cleared.


There will be a wait of at least one week before we start on your project. The wait is based on many factors and clients are placed in the design queue on a first come, first serve basis. You will not be placed in the queue until your deposit has been paid. 


We assume that you have the right to use all images and graphics you provide to us. We are not liable for the use or misuse of any images or graphics you provide to us.


If you already have a WordPress blog installed we strongly recommend that you backup your blog before we begin installing your new blog design. We are not responsible for anything lost due to your failure to backup your blog. 


We will only add the content to your pages that you have given us. We are not responsible for adding content to your blog posts. We are only adding content to the pages outlined in your contract. If you need additional assistance adding pages we are able to help and will bill you for $50 an hour.


Once we start your blog design you must stay in contact with us. We expect you to respond to our emails within 24-48 hours. If take longer than two weeks to respond to emails from your designer your order will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund. It is up to you to keep us up to date with things that may stop your communication with us. 


Every site we design is mobile responsive. Please keep in mind that your mobile site will never be exactly like the full website and your site will scale to fit the device size. 


Some fonts have licenses which prevent designers from using them in client work. To protect ourselves from violating copyright we will only work with fonts that we (or the client) have the correct licensing for. Some fonts do not allow sharing among computers. If you want to use a font that we do not have the proper license for and you are unwilling to pay for the license you will have to install the font yourself. We will walk you through the process for a fee of $50 an hour. 


Our custom designs include up to three rounds of revisions. If your requests for revisions exceed that allotment, you will be charged $50 an hour for the additional revisions. If you decide to change your design concept in the middle of the design process, you will be charged for the price of any new graphics (if applicable) plus the time already spent on your original design at $50 an hour.


You will have to sign an installation approval form agreeing that you are 100% satisfied with your blog’s design before we install it. This means you understand that any requests for revisions after this time will be billed at $50 an hour. Minor revisions may be included in your hour of free post-install support which is included in the package pricing. You have to pay your remaining balance before we install your design. 


We will provide up to one hour of free post-install support for minor revisions and/or to go over any troubleshooting questions you may have as you get familiar with your design. The one hour of post-install support expires 30 days from the installation date after which you will be billed hourly for any support you request. 


You will be responsible for maintenance after your design has been installed. This includes adding content to pages & posts, updating plugins & themes, adding or removing gadget and widgets, etc. This is a blog design package which means we don’t maintain blogs. We offer monthly maintenance packages which you may inquire about at


We do not offer refunds once we have begun your design. In some cases we may refund your deposit before we have begun the design process but this is done on a case-by-case basis and is subject to a refund fee. Once we begin the design process your deposit is NOT refundable. Once we are done with revisions and your site is approved for installation you must pay your balance in full. Once you’ve paid your full balance it is NOT refundable under any circumstances. If you are unhappy with the work of your designer during the design process you may request a new designer OR cancel your order. If your order is cancelled you will not have to pay the remaining balance but your deposit is still NOT refundable. If you paid in full upfront you will be refunded 50% of your order total. 


We do our best to insure your design and content looks it’s best on all browsers however there may be slight variations of your blog design from browser to browser. 


Our top choice is definitely WP Engine. Their customer service is unmatched, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. A very close second is definitely Hostgator. We used them for the 5 years. Ultimately you are responsible for making an informed hosting decision based on your own research. We are not responsible for any hosting issues you may encounter by your chosen hosting provider.


Your blog or site design will include a footer linking to Monday & Co. Please do not remove this.

We are not responsible for 3rd party installed plug-ins (slideshows, contact forms, etc.).  We use “Best in Practice” WordPress plug-ins but are not responsible for updates or lapse in plug-in functionality.  We are not responsible for any loss of business, site traffic, sales, etc. due to any plugin or any other issues with your blog or site.  It is your responsibility to check your site upon design installation to ensure that functionality works and is acceptable to you.  It is your responsibility to monitor and test your contact forms and other plugins periodically to ensure proper functionality.

We reserve the right to charge a progress payment if your blog takes longer than 1 to 2 months  to complete.  This payment will only be requested if the delay is on your end. This is not in addition to the design fee, it will just be a fraction of your final payment, generally 1/4.

All blogs and websites are turn-key, changes or updates to site are not included in fee.  We do not provide technical support beyond what is already stated. Should a functionality issue arise with your site you will want to contact your site host/domain provider for assistance.

Be a nice person. We don’t work with mean or condescending people and behaving that way may result in your design work being cancelled.

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