01 How it all began

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Our History

Monday & Co is a company founded by Candice VanWye, the owner of Brown Girl Bloggers.

In 2018 Candice decided to leverage her online community offline. She felt there was a lack of real life ways for creative women (especially women of color) to connect in real life so she decided to be the change.

Her purpose has always been to bring diversity to the online landscape by connecting creatives with brands, the media, and each other. We're happy to continue that mission in a new way.

Our coworking space in Atlanta's historic fourth ward provides a safe place for black and brown creatives to create their content in our studio and work in our space. We welcome everyone into our space but our focus has always been on highlighting the diversity of creatives in black and brown communities. As long as you understand that message you are free to work with us.

We work very hard behind the scenes to create exposure for our creatives and their businesses.

We enjoy creating engaging content, connecting creators and brands so that both can enjoy mutually beneficial relationships, and one of our biggest priorities is hosting events that not only inspire but also TEACH our audience something new.

Contact us if you'd like to learn more.

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